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Style Your Life

Style Your Life

In our modern world, the necessity to present a specific concept in an artistic and unique way, has created the demand for styling. Styling, is a rich world of combinations, blending the right fashion pieces with one's existing wardrobe, to create the desired look. This requires creativity, a sense of fashion, aesthetic and exquisite taste.


I am Shachar Rabanne.

I've been passionate about fashion as long as I can remember. My dress style has always been original and interesting. I've always known how to put together the right outfit, utilizing correct combinations, colors and fashion trends. Quite soon I found myself advising others, putting together outfits for friends and family, using choice pieces from their wardrobes ,and mine to create looks for various occasions. I began marketing ladies wear imported from Paris, during my army service. This expanded my horizons.

With my love of people, open and fun personality, exquisite taste, excellent listening and communication skills, I am today a professional stylist, image consultant and personal shopper, both in Israel and abroad.


Who should use my services as a personal stylist?

-Anyone who wants to look and feel trendy and stylish. 

- People with demanding careers that don't have the time to maintain an exciting and versatile wardrobe. 

- People who want to look their best at any given moment. 

- People who are tired of their clothes, want a change and are open to new insight when it comes to fit, style, color and cut. 

- Celebrities.


Styling services:

- Reworking, sorting and arranging of personal wardrobe. 

- Shopping together –making a day of it! 

- Styling for events. 

- Styling for the pregnant woman. 

- Styling for plus sizes.

- Styling for the business person.

- Personal Shopping: Direct service to your door, you don't even have to leave the house! 

- Styling seminars for social events, hen parties, etc. 

- Dressing: using new and old pieces and photographing multiple outfits to see you through a season.

- Home styling


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